Jun 2, 2005

New Digimax L55W and L50 Cameras from Samsung

Samsung today announced three new 5 megapixel cameras. First are the L50 and the wideangle Digimax L55W. The metal-bodied L55W sports the biggest LCD on a compact Samsung camera at 2.8 inches. It has a 28 - 135 mm lens(4.8x zoom), 2cm macro function and MPEG 4 movie mode. The L50 is pocket-sized and has a 3x optical zoom, and MPEG 4 movie mode.

A little about the Digimax L55W-
Most regular compact digital cameras have a 3Xoptical zoom, the Digimax L55W has a 4.8X optical zoom offering a focusing range of 28mm-135mm(35mm equivalent). The 28mm wide-angle lens provides a far wider field of vision than a regular camera, allowing you to capture sweeping landscapes or to fit a group of subjects into just one frame. The Digimax L55W is a unique advanced digital camera that supports both 28mm wide-angle and 4.8X telephoto zoom, extending the range of options available to the photographer.

For the first time ever, a 2.8" wide TMR LCD is adopted by Samsung Camera for the Digimax L55W, enhancing your photography with a wider and larger display. This 2.8" wide LCD allows you to view in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. The LCD display of the Digimax L55W uses TMR(Transmissive with Micro Reflective) technology to maintain balanced light, even in bright outdoor environments. The 160 degrees of wide viewing angle LCD display delivered by the Digimax L55W provides a more comfortable image-viewing, and sharing, experience. With its high contrast ratio the TMR LCD display offers a clearer and brighter display image. Colours are represented better by the LCD's ability to reproduce 16.7 million true colours.

A little about the Digimax L50-
The Digimax L50, released by Samsung Camera, is a portable pocket-sized digital camera (93.3X52.1X22.3 mm) that provides faster operation speed and a variety of functions. Even though the Digimax L50 is small Samsung have managed to ensure it has a 230k-pixel 2.5" large LCD.

The Digimax L50 has a 4x digital zoom in addition to a 3X optical zoom delivering a 12X total zoom capacity. It also provides 5X zoom during playback, to check the detail in your shots. The Digimax L50 uses the best Samsung LCD technology in a 230K-pixel high-resolution 2.5" large LCD. With 16.7 million True Colour representation, and Wide View features this LCD offer superior quality during image playback and shot composition.

You can read more about them here.