Jun 27, 2005

Hands-On Nikon D50 Preview

Nikon provided DPNow with a pre-production D50, with its new 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens and they in turn have posted a hands-on kicking the tires sort of preview of the camera. You can also compare specifications with the D50's main competitors or examine the detailed manufacturer specifications for the D50.

"Nikon has played it safe with the D50. It's conventional-looking and conventional in specification. On the one hand, Nikon has managed to cut costs to make the D50 very affordable without blunting its capability as a photographer's tool. But this does mean, inevitably, that Nikon will attract attention away from the D70s.

Then there is the issue of what I'd call 'showroom appeal'. The D50 is a fine-looking camera, but there is something about the Canon EOS-350D/Rebel XT that I feel has an edge in the 'must-have' style and looks factor when you gaze across the counter in a store. But on the plus-side for the D50, I found it more comfortable to hold than the Canon, which I find a bit too small for comfort.

Nikon D50

Although our time handling the camera gives us some feel for the D50, the real test is yet to come when we get to take some pictures that we can evaluate critically. We're certainly looking forward to that opportunity in the near future."

Read the full Nikon D50 preview here.