Jun 14, 2005

Fujifilm Updates Software for F10 and S3 Pro

Software updates at fujifilm.com clean up some firmware issues on the F10 and update Fuji’s high-end utility software for compatibility with Apple’s latest operating system.

This Firmware (Ver.1.02) update will revise the internal software of the FinePix F10 digital camera. Installation of this update is optional. It incorporates the following nhancements:
1) Correction of English displayed on the LCD monitor
2) Updates the compatibility of the PictBridge function with some printers
3) Correction of an error that would not allow some computers to start up if the camera was connected and turned on.

Also, Apple’s latest operating system version, 10.4, affected functionality of lots of software, including Fuji’s HS-V2, the package that ships with the FinePix S2 Pro, FinePix S20 Pro, and the FinePix S3 Pro. The software allows sorting and editing, shooting in Firewire tethered mode, and RAW file conversion. Without the upgrade, it doesn’t even launch in OS 10.4.

The upgrade is available at www.fujifilm.com/finepixf10, under the “Download Drivers and Software” link, and is available in separate versions for Windows and Mac users. With either operating system, the user is supposed to load the software onto an xD-Picture Card, then insert the card into the camera. The upgrade should only be done while the camera is plugged in with the AC adapter. Fuji warns that errors in the upgrade process – shutting off the camera during the upgrade, removing the xD card during the operation, etc. – could disable the camera, and require professional repair.