Jun 22, 2005

Canon firmware coming for 1D Mk II and 1Ds Mk II

Breaking news just in from The Imaging-Resource. Apparently Canon is going to release new firmware for its EOS 1D Mark II and EOS 1Ds Mark II professional digital SLRs to replace the problematic update released in May.

"Users who have not already upgraded their cameras to the May 31st firmware are being advised to wait for the new firmware to be released before updating their cameras. While the statement refers to firmware "in a few days", we understand that Canon Inc. will actually release the new firmware at approximately 9PM Eastern time tonight. All users are recommended to upgrade their cameras to the new firmware, regardless of whether they've experienced problems themselves or not."
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This update is now available.
This version fixes a problem when pressing the DISPLAY button right after shooting images resulted in an abnormal display and the camera would freeze.