May 30, 2005

sReala version 2 is ready! - D70 custom tone curve

DigitalKnowledgeBase have released version 2 of their sReala curve for the Nikon D70 dSLR camera.
Its not quite the final release yet, it's RC1 (Release Candadate 1) which basically means its a proposed final release but they are providing it to the community for about one week to test.
If the results are good and feedback positive they indicate they will make it the final release without any change.

You can download sReala version 2 custom tone curve Release Candidate 1 with a brief spec and aim included too.

It was obvious from the fenzy of Beta testing this week gone that many people preferred Beta 2.

This is essentially Beta 2 but with some minor calibration tweaks here and there taken from 3 and 4 and a fix to stop the shadows from clipping (as beta 2 did).

The aim of sReala version RC1/Final

- Calibrate the curve to match a default exposure of 18% gray
- Maximize the Nikon D70's dynamic range to its full potential
- Produce correctly exposes images directly releated to the 18% gray exposure calibration
- Fine tune colour rendition and output
- Calibration of dynamic range to produce a full set of tones from black to white
- In relation to increasing contrast and producing more film like results
- Restore decent shadow saturation back into a curve, more than often shadows are neglected and often appear too hazy which reduces dynamic range and tonal spread.

If you own a Nikon D70 you might want to check the site out for the other goodies it has as well.