May 26, 2005

PhotoMesa 3: A Zoomable Photo Manager

If you like unique computer interfaces you might want to try this one. PhotoMesa 3 is a photo browser/manager that lets you browse hundreds of photos in different folders all at once. Here is the press release-

PRESS RELEASE: PhotoMesa 3: A Zoomable Photo Manager

UNIVERSITY PARK, MD, May 26, 2005 - Zoomable User Interfaces have met Digital Photo Managers and the result is PhotoMesa. PhotoMesa 3, a completely new application has been written from the ground up to support today’s digital photography users. This new release (available at ) uses a novel interface that makes it very easy to browse hundreds of photos in multiple folders at once. It then goes further by letting users easily annotate thousands of photos with who is in them as well as adding captions and even categories – all of which can then be used to search on.

PhotoMesa is unique in the ease with which users can perform simple browsing along with more complex annotation, regrouping and search. The new approach builds on years of research in this area from the University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab ( ).

Text Box: PhotoMesa 3 – Ben Bederson, President of Windsor Interfaces, Inc. says “The common wisdom is it takes 10 years to successfully commercialize a new idea. We’re happy to show that we did it in 5. PhotoMesa finally makes Zoomable User Interfaces available to the general public, and they’re going to be excited when they come to realize that they don’t have to be frustrated anymore while managing their important digital photos.”

PhotoMesa 3 is available immediately for Windows platforms, and is recommended for everyone that uses digital imagery – from home digital camera users to designers and other professionals with large numbers of detailed imagery.

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