May 22, 2005

The Olympus E-300 EVOLT dSLR Review

ShutterBug Magazine have posted their review of the Olympus Evolt E-300 (or simply E300 as it is called outside the U.S.). This new model features an 8.0 (effective) megapixel Kodak CCD with supersonic wave filter delivering a maximum image size of 3200 x 2400 pixels. It has many advanced features together with full automatic and manual control over exposure, white balance and flash, to name a few. Based on the FourThirds standard the E-300 SLR model is compatible with Olympus full range of Digital SLR-System accessories.

They had this to say about this dSLR-
"Aside from the high ISO issue, my images exhibit great highlight and shadow detail (unless made in very harsh lighting), remarkable color accuracy, attractive skin tones, and very high resolution of fine detail. Especially in ISO 100 images, quality in the 23MB files is exceptional. After increasing file size in Photoshop CS, and optimizing my best images for printing, I was able to make technically excellent 13x17” outputs at 240dpi. By comparison, I found that 6-megapixel cameras produced similar quality in 11x17” prints, giving this 8-megapixel model a slight advantage.

The Olympus E-300 EVOLT may not be the prettiest camera in the world, but it’s compact, convenient to use, quite fast, and reliable in most circumstances. In my estimation, it should appeal to first-time SLR buyers who appreciate its many Program modes. But this well-equipped model is even more suitable for the experienced digital photographer who does not already own autofocus lenses of some other brand. At a street price of $995, including the 14-45mm zoom, it’s definitely a bargain, especially when compared to the $1299 street price of the 5-megapixel E-1 kit."

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