May 7, 2005

Nikon D2X Digital Camera Review

This is the camera that currently makes me drool. If you have 5 grand sitting around and buy this camera, you can watch me. I mean, this camera even has Wi-Fi !

The new Nikon D2X is the latest addition to one of the world's most famous camera lines. The new D2X updates the D1X model that hit the market in mid-2001. As you might expect, there's been a lot of development in the intervening three years between the two camera's respective releases, and the Nikon D2X is solid evidence that its maker is still very much a force to contend with in the professional SLR marketplace.

Bjørn Rørslett from has given us his full review of this camera and declares-
"In my opinion, Nikon D2X heralds the end of 35 mm film for virtually all shooting assignments for a Nikon user. You get an image quality unsurpassed by today's or even tomorrow's film-based technology for the venerable 24 x 36 mm format. This is the first DSLR used by me which can rendered wide sweeps of landscape with tangible and breathtaking clarity of detail. However, any camera system descending from 35 mm stock inherits a limit to the detail which can be captured for landscape work, because of the relatively short focal lengths typically deployed with these cameras. Short focal lengths translate into low magnification and implies details also will be rendered small. So landscape work is still a domain in which larger format cameras prevail by virtue of their bigger capturing areas and the accompanying longer focal lengths. This is not something particular to Nikon DSLR, it applies to other makers' offerings as well. That being said, D2X is certainly capable of bringing forth whatever detail the currently mounted lens can deliver.

D2X is also the most unforgiving image recording instrument I've ever used. If there is any optical flaw or aberration of the image projected by your lens, the D2X will show the defect with merciless clarity. Chromatic aberration (CA) will become a catchword of nightmarish importance, if you want to produce poster-sized prints. Lenses you believed were just about perfect will suddenly appear devoid of their former splendour, whilst the real optical gems will take on a magical shine on their own.

If you rely on sloppy and haphazard shooting techniques, D2X will teach you a lesson you'll not likely to forget. Put simply, this is a pinnacle in terms of its imaging achievement and not every photographer will be able to scale that obstacle. On the other hand, its innate quality and dynamic range may nevertheless save the day."

Click here to read his full review... then go out and buy one right away.