Apr 1, 2005

Qimage Version 2005.200 just released

Qimage v2005.200 (04/01/05):
New Features:
* Direct email support: v2005.200 offers the ability to send multiple images via email by opening your email client and preparing a message with the images already attached. Images may be selected by selecting multiple thumbs and right clicking "Send via Email" or by using the "Create email/web copies" function from the queue. See the help on this function for more details.
*Text alignment: Center, left, and right justify buttons are now available on the floating text dialog.
*Sticky crops: Qimage now remembers your crops automatically when you move/change the crop using the cropping tool in the page editor. Need to adjust the crop to get the best 8x10 of an image called "wedding_011.jpg"? Simply select that image in the thumbnails, click the 8x10 button, open the page editor and drag the crop to where you want it. Qimage will remember that crop every time you add "wedding_011.jpg" at a size of 8x10! Need to print some 4x6 prints of the same photo? No problem. Add another copy at 4x6, adjust the crop on that, and Qimage will remember your 4x6 crop too (separately from your 8x10 crop)! It's all automatic: nothing new to learn. Just adjust your crops as you go and forget about it. When you go back into Qimage a month later to do some reprints, the same 8x10 and 4x6 crops that you previously identified will be recalled automatically.

Some of the many features:
Professional Quality Prints from Originals
Auto-Sizing: No More Resampling or DPI Worries
Take the Qimage Print Quality Challenge
Multiple Prints/Sizes Per Page, Including Posters
Image Viewing/Comparing
Full Color Management (ICC) Support
Raw File Support for Older dSLR Cameras
Free Lifetime Upgrades/Support
Used/Recommended by Professional Photographers
Digital Camera Specific ICC Profiles Available
Pre-made ICC Profiles for Various Printers/Media

A feature-limited demo of Qimage can be downloaded for a 30-day trial, and the full program can be purchased for $44.95