Apr 6, 2005

PixelGenius Launches PhotoshopNews.com Website

PRESS RELEASE: PixelGenius Launches PhotoshopNews.com
Chicago, IL - April, 1st, 2005 - Pixel Genius LLC announces the launch of PhotoshopNews.com.

PixelGenius, the makers of the PhotoKit(tm) series of Adobe(r) Photoshop(r) productivity Plug-ins, announces the launch of a new web site called PhotoshopNews.com - a blog site dedicated to all things .

See: http://photoshopnews.com

PhotoshopNews, billed as the latest news and info about the top pixel-wrangling application on the planet is the latest brain-child of the group of Photoshop experts who formed PixelGenius: Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Seth Resnick, Andrew Rodney, Jeff Schewe & Mike Skurski. Bios for the PG crew are available at: http://www.pixelgenius.com/people.html

Jeff Schewe, PhotoshopNews Editor in Chief, says: "Whether you are a designer, a photographer, a premedia pro or a web geek, Photoshop is where you spend an inordinate amount of time every day. If you are a Photoshop engineer or Photoshop book author or Photoshop Guru, you eat, drink, sleep and (well, you get the picture) Photoshop. Even if you are a recreational user of Photoshop, you still have a lot of time invested in the Photoshop environment.

If you fit any of the above categories, then PhotoshopNews is for you. We want to share what we know with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it. We do this to feed the passion - and we have a lot of passion about Photoshop."

PhotoshopNews is dedicated to bringing the Photoshop community the latest news and quality information about Photoshop. PhotoshopNews will cover: Photoshop, Adobe News, Camera Raw, DNG, "Facts and Myths" Photoshop "Issues" and Photoshop Updates. PhotoshopNews will also cover content relating to digital imaging including: color management, digital output, digital photography, digital workflow & scanning. Additionally, PhotoshopNews will provide coverage about resources for Photoshop users such as: 3rd party apps. books, education, events, hardware, Plug-ins, other web sites & workshops.

Already on site are feature stories about:

"The Evolution of the Photoshop Splash Screen" See: http://photoshopnews.com/?page_id=139

"The Evolution of the Photoshop Tool Bars" See: http://photoshopnews.com/?page_id=140

A profile of Thomas and John Knoll, the original authors of Photoshop See: http://photoshopnews.com/?page_id=138

The site is independently owned and published by PixelGenius. Members of the PhotoshopNews team will be in New York for Adobe's Ideas Conference see: http://adobe.ideasconf.com and will report from the event live. Be sure to check back Monday April 4th, 2005 for special updates.

About PixelGenius
Founded in 2001, Pixel Genius, LLC. is a collaboration of industry leading experts dedicated to creating leading edge products and services for the photographic and digital imaging industries. PixelGenius is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.