Apr 11, 2005

MGI Releases Interpolated DigiShot9.9S

Mini Gadgets Inc. released a 3.1-megapixel digital camera today, which they claim outputs pictures at 9.9-megapixel resolution. But don't let this fool you folks, this is pure garbage.

The DigiShot9.9S uses CCD interpolation to estimate the missing information between the recording points on the sensor. The new DigiShot retails for $199, far cheaper than any true 9.9-megapixel digital camera. However, Mini Gadgets Inc.'s product marketing attempts to confuse the consumer over the megapixel war.

The digital camera comes with automatic and manual modes, a 4x digital zoom, a VGA movie mode, a 1.5-inch LCD screen, and 16 MB of internal memory, M.G.I sells the camera with a one-year warranty.

“Consumers have got smarter,” said John Dufresne, vice president of M.G.I. “They want more for less.” Wow, statements like that boil my blood. What he means (if he could form a grammatically correct sentence) is, consumers won't understand it's really just a 3.1 megapixel camera.

Pass on this one folks.