Apr 7, 2005

Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT review

The Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT has been reviewed over at DPReview and given this camera a rating of Highly Recommended, not an easy feat! It looks like Canon has hit another home-run with this one and they are flying off the shelves to prove it.
Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

Phil Askey says of the Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT-
"So it's clear, the EOS 350D is a great successor to the EOS 300D, it puts right many user complaints, it delivers a smaller and lighter camera which feels better put together and delivers an increase in resolution. Image quality is just as good as the more expensive EOS 20D, if you can live with the differences between the two the money saved could buy you a very nice lens. The upgrade decision for existing EOS 300D owners is definitely more difficult, the increase in resolution from six to eight megapixels really isn't that significant but some of the new features, improved performance and reduction size and weight are.

But lets not let Canon off too lightly, when we reviewed the EOS 300D we were disappointed that they had chosen to effectively cripple it by 'coding out' certain features such as metering mode, AF mode, flash exposure compensation, flash sync curtain, mirror lock-up etc. These features were removed in software and it wasn't long before hackers began to restore them in the form of unofficial firmware updates. Thus we should remember that quite a few of the 'new features' available on this camera are there just because they've not been removed.

We did have some control issues too, I was surprised to see settings such as ISO, metering, AF mode and white balance moved from the status LCD to the LCD monitor (which means you have to be able to see it to make changes) and with the requirement of an extra press of the SET button to make changes stick. Lets hope a firmware update can take care of that.

These niggles however can't distract from what a good solid photographic tool the EOS 350D is, it starts up quickly, shoots quickly, operates without hesitation and achieves its ultimate design goal, delivering great images. Canon's winning streak can be put down to some great product design and the two killer technologies which are at the heart of the all of their current digital SLR's; the unique CMOS sensors and excellent DIGIC image processing. It's going to be interesting to see how the competition respond."

It will be interesting indeed. I hear that Nikon is preparing their D50 model and possibly a second version of the D70. Time will tell.
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