Apr 30, 2005

Canon Digital Rebel XT Review

DCViews have posted their review of the Digital Rebel XT - or EOS-350D as it is called in some markets.

They conclude-
"Considering the big success of the EOS 300D last year, Canon's expectations to sell twice as many Digital rebel XT's could well become true if you look at the array of advanced features. For existing 300D owners though, the upgrade to 8 megapixel is not really significant enough to warrant trading in their old camera yet, but who knows what Canon have in store for them in a few months time. In fact the Digital rebel XT is one of 70 new products Canon is planning to put on the market in 2005 and it will be interesting to see what the company will come up with to remain the number one brand in digital and film SLRs.

We had the chance to play with the Canon Digital rebel XT for some time and we can conclude that the camera is a worthy successor to the EOS 300D. It is ideally suited to its target market - the family amateur who is serious about his photography. Its small size will be an advantage to most users, although some might well find the tiny handgrip too small for their liking. It is good to see that Canon have now included flash compensation and released all limitations on the camera so that any metering or AF mode can be selected freely. There is no question that the Digital rebel XT is an extremely capable and compact camera at a competitive price that will certainly find its way in today's digital arena."

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