Mar 23, 2005

Sensor Cleaning Sticks for dSLRs

A problem for dSLR owners is sensor dust, and you can't just grab a Q-tip with alcohol and clean them either. One needs to excercise extreme caution and use the correct tools.

Press Release:
IMS DSLRClean Now Ships Worldwide A Revolutionary No-Liquid Way To Clean Digital SLR Sensors

23 March 2005 - Intelligent Mobile Solutions Limited (IMS), announce that its groundbreaking new product DSLRClean™ – a specially created cleaning stick for removing dust from digital SLR camera sensors – is now available worldwide.

The DSLRClean™ sticks are designed for use without liquids using a unique micro-pore swab that creates a mini vacuum effect to gently lift dust from both CCD and CMOS type sensors.

IMS, based in Bristol, UK, has created the most effective and safest solution for sensor cleaning at less than half the cost of other available products.

“Although dust has always been an issue with any photographic system, whether on lenses or slide negatives or in the camera chamber, the problem has sharply increased with the advent of the digital SLR,” said IMS managing director Andrew Stagg.

There are several solutions on the market which either involve static charged brushes or liquids. IMS have created a solution that does not involve either the insertion of a static charged brush (which can have a negative impact on CMOS devices as they are incredibly sensitive to charge build-up) or the use of hazardous liquids.

Since it’s UK launch last year DSLRClean™ has filled a gap in the digital SLR cleaning market. Satisfied customer E.Elwell of Leicestershire, UK, said: “They certainly do the job, without question, a WONDERFUL invention. These cleaning sticks are indeed a GOD send.”

DSLRClean™ is available online from at a cost of $29.99.