Mar 14, 2005

Noiseware 3.2 released

I'm a fan of Noiseware. I use Noiseware Community Edition for photos I have taken that need noise reduction and it does a great job.

PRESS RELEASE: 3.2 released

03/10/05 - Imagenomic, LLC today announced a new release for its popular Noiseware Plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X.

For Noiseware Professional and Standard Plug-in Editions, version 3.2 adds new Multiple Preview and Bracketing features that provides for increased versatility and productivity.

The Multiple Preview feature allows the user to compare different filter settings by simply switching between preview tabs. The Bracketing feature automatically generates a preset series of previews for suppression and noise level filter settings for quick assessment via one-click operation.

This new software version of the Noiseware Plug-in is available for immediate download from Imagenomic's website: ( and