Mar 2, 2005


The folks over at have a nice "first impressions" style review of the Nikon Coolwalker and they really like what they see.

The Nikon Coolwalker is a stylish portable storage device that offers a welcome solution to the organization of thousands of large resolution image files of all formats produced by today’s high-resolution digital cameras. The device has both outdoor and indoor applications.

Featuring a large 2.5 inch TFT monitor and easy to use Menu, it is ideal for those who need temporary mass storage for high-resolution images, and for those who wish to save images in a portable medium while traveling. Indoors, the Coolwalker MSV-01 is perfect for users who want to manipulate images simply without a PC.

The device offers ample storage space with its 30GB harddrive, and the design and operation of the unit seems very intuitive. The Coolwalker's compact size (reminds me of the original Sony Walkman) and lightweight design, makes it very portable and easy to bring along.

The LCD screen is bright and clear, and has a 15 step brightness adjustment for different viewing conditions. With the Coolwalker's high speed USB 2.0 connection, images will copy quickly from your digital memory card to the Coolwalker's harddrive.

The slideshow and direct print capability are useful and practical features, however, where the Nikon really proves its worth, is in terms of a portable storage solution. On a recent three week vacation, I brought two 512MB CF cards and found myself downloading twice to my laptop. I specifically brought the laptop for this purpose, and was saddled with the inconvenience and weight of taking it with me. A storage device like the Nikon Coolwalker would have been a very handy and welcome solution.