Mar 22, 2005

The Nikon D70 Battery Grip

Harbortronics ships VG-D70 battery grip for the Nikon D70 dSLR
Nikon D70 Battery Grip

First announced last September, the VG-D70 is a battery grip with portrait shutter release button. The shutter release can function in two ways - with an unmodified D70 it uses a removable fiber optic cable that triggers the shutter by emulating the Nikon ML-L1 or ML-L3 remote control units. Alternatively, if you've had your Nikon D70 modified to add a remote control jack (a procedure which likely voids the camera's warranty), a short cable runs from the battery grip to the camera to connect the two. The VG-D70 accommodates one or two EN-EL3 batteries, and also includes a standard DC power jack protected against reverse polarity or over voltage. Found via The Imaging Resource

The grips are sold out but they should have more later this week. All pre ordered grips will be shipped as soon as they come in they say.
You may order online here