Mar 21, 2005

Lensbabies releases Lensbaby 2.0

March 21, 2005 — Lensbabies released the Lensbaby 2.0 today at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Trade Show in Las Vegas. Lensbaby 2.0 features an f2.0 aperture setting in addition to The Original Lensbaby's f2.8, f4.0, f5.6 and f8.0. Using a system similar to antique Waterhouse stops, you can quickly change the look by swapping the aperture disks.
Lensbaby 2.0

“In the year since we launched The Original Lensbaby, we learned many photographers wanted to create Lensbaby images that had an even sharper sweet spot,” said Craig Strong, the inventor of the lens and CEO of the company. “Lensbaby 2.0’s optic creates a much sweeter sweet spot of focus, which allows photographers to print large photos and see fine details like eye lashes or individual threads of fabric in the sharp area.”

Lensbabies are the hybrid love children of an old-fashioned bellows camera and an up-tight tilt-shift lens. Focus your Lensbaby by moving the focusing collar in and out with your fingertips. Move the "sweet spot" of focus around the picture by bending the lens left, right, up, & down, like a fluid tilt-shift lens. Most photographers are getting rewarding shots after a short practice period. Lensbaby 2.0 is available immediately at the company’s web site,, for $150.