Mar 3, 2005

Kyocera to end camera production

Hot news just in-
Kyocera to end camera production. Is Contax next?

DPReview has just posted this news. Here is an excerpt.
"Sources at Kyocera have confirmed that the company is to cease production of film and digital cameras, putting a huge question mark over the future of one of the oldest brands in photography, Contax. Contax cameras have been produced since the early 1930's, when the brand was launched by German optical legend Zeiss Ikon. Contax joined forces with Japanese manufacturer Yashica in the 1960's, becoming part of electronics giant Kyocera in the mid-1990's."
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Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource has written his take on the situation in his "Maturing digicam market brings triumph, failure" article. He suggests-
The difficulties faced by Kyocera / Contax and Leica illustrate perfectly what may be coming for some of the other smaller names in a rapidly consolidating digital camera market. There simply isn't enough growth to sustain so many manufacturers, and the question isn't whether there will be more failures, but when (and whom?) For the individual companies involved, these failures will be heartbreaking - but the world of digital photography as a whole will continue to move on unimpeded, with dozens of manufacturers remaining to spur healthy competition. At the end of the day the consumer wins, with digital cameras that are becoming incredibly capable, for a fraction of what they'd have once cost.