Mar 13, 2005

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Experience Report

Digital Outback Photo this week reported on the
"These days cameras are available in the stores before reviewers like us even get a sample. In cases like the new Rebel XT/350D we just go forward to buy one as we need the camera for reference anyway (we actually own the Nikon D1, D1x, D100, D70, Canon 10D, Rebel, 1D Mk. II, 1dS and 1Ds Mk. II as we never sell the cameras in time :-) ) . When we got the Rebel (300D) we wrote a little essay and think it is even more true than ever. These cameras are really good and the photographer is the main limiting factor. Yes there are better and more expensive cameras but in most cases the reason that you got a good photo is not related to the fact you used better equipment."

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT

Some of their findings-
  1. We never liked the silver body of the Rebel and bought a black body XT (we know very subjective here)

  2. We miss a second dial for aperture if we work in manual mode (90% of the time actually)

  3. Shutter noise way lower than 20D

  4. Instant review is as fast as 20D, D70, 1Ds Mk. II

  5. Shutter lag no problem (we don't measure it though)

  6. The XT features mirror lockup (Canon really listened)

Read the full article here and check out the quality of the sample shots...