Mar 19, 2005

144 Megapixels-Prepare to be Astounded

Wired News reports of a couple of photographers, Tom Watson and business partner, Rob Howard who are pushing the limits of location photography using a large-format 4-by-5-inch view camera and attach a BetterLight scanning back in the slot where the large sheet film traditionally goes.

"One of the reasons the photos are of such exceptionally high resolution is that the BetterLight scanning back records all three colors equally, where a one-shot digital camera records 50 percent green and 25 percent each of red and blue pixels. The software then tries to make up the color deficiencies by interpolating the data," said Watson.

Watson is convinced the combination of a large-format digital camera and BetterLight, a customized scanner that works with a camera to take high-resolution images, provides "the most color-accurate photographic system ever deployed."

Read the entire article here and check out the samples...