Feb 28, 2005

Three Must-Have Photoshop Plug-ins

The Luminous Landscape website has an article describing Michael Reichmann's current best-of-breed plug-ins for . He writes:
Over the past several years I have tried many of the programs and plug-ins to come to market, on both Mac and PC platforms. Below are brief looks at the ones that are my current preferred choices. The ones that I use every day, and that I count on when producing my commercial images and fine-art display prints.

Are these the best programs available of their type? Possibly. Clearly I can't have tried everything, and even if I had, personal bias and needs play a role in making a statement like this. I should also note that I know personally most of the authors of these programs, though this played no role whatsoever in my selection or mention here.

Please note that these are not reviews; simply descriptions of what I find to be the current best-of-breed in each category. Also, in the case of two of the programs, new versions have just come out this week (early Feb, 2005). Each of these plug-ins are available for both Windows XP as well as Mac OSX.

To find out which plug-ins Michael prefers, click here.