Feb 8, 2005

Picturecode Releases Noise Ninja Plug-In for Photoshop

Plug-in version of Noise Ninja released
PictureCode has officially released a Photoshop plug-in version of its top-rated Noise Ninja software, which removes high-ISO noise and grain from digital images. The plug-in has been in a public beta test for the last few months, and license keys have been on sale since December, allowing the general public early access to the technology while the product remained under development. More for Pros than the casual user needs. I personally use Noiseware Community Edition (free) from Imagenomic

"Response to the Noise Ninja plug-in beta test was extremely positive," remarks Jim Christian, founder of PictureCode. "The software was downloaded approximately 20,000 times, and we already have thousands of paying customers for it. We're also seeing rapid adoption by first-tier newspapers, and it was used at the Superbowl yesterday. Now that the product is officially released, we expect accelerated adoption in all of our key market segments."

Based on a proprietary breakthrough in mathematical wavelet denoising, the Noise Ninja plug-in offers a complete, best-of-breed noise reduction solution, with a suite of tools for analyzing and filtering image noise. It also provides extensive automation capabilities, including batch processing based on innovative "action policies", automatic noise analysis, and automatic noise profile selection based on EXIF data. This makes it highly adaptable to a variety of professional and amateur workflows, whether the customer wants a "one-button" automated solution or complete manual control. "Users have been telling us that we've succeeded in combining world-class technology with excellent workflow support," says Christian.

The standalone version of Noise Ninja has also been updated to utilize some new technology from the plug-in, including a completely new automatic profiling algorithm and a more configurable automatic profile matcher.
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