Feb 14, 2005

Pentax announces Optio S5n

Imaging Resource is reporting a second new camera announcement of the day, Pentax has today announced a new five megapixel model for its Optio S series.

The Pentax Optio S5n digital camera couples its 5.25 megapixels (total) CCD imager with an smc Pentax 3x optical zoom lens equivalent to 35.6 - 107mm on a 35mm camera. As with other recent S-series models, the lens features Pentax's unusual "sliding lens system", which removes elements from the optical path as the lens retracts, allowing a slimmer profile when the camera is powered off. Other features include a 2.0" LCD display with 110,000 pixels, four-mode internal flash, eleven scene modes, USB 2.0 (High Speed) and video connectivity, SD / MMC and 9.6MB of built in memory for storage, and power from a rechargeable D-LI8 Lithium Ion battery.

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