Feb 14, 2005

Olympus posts E300 and E1 firmware update

Olympus has today posted firmware updates for its D-SLRs the E-300 (v1.1) and the E-1 (v1.4). The E-300 upgrade addresses problems with auto white balance as well as battery consumption issues during sleep mode. The version 1.4 update for the E-1 improves S-AF speed in low light, AF accuracy under fluorescent lighting and it now supports high speed CompactFlash cards.
Olympus E-300 firmware update version 1.1 release notes

* [AUTO] of the white balance setting has been improved to better accommodate subjects containing yellows.
* Highlighted parts appeared pink when the color space was set to [Adobe RGB] and [CUSTOM WB] was set to a low color temperature. This situation has been improved.
* Battery consumption during sleep mode has been improved.

Olympus E-1 firmware update version 1.4 release notes

* The S-AF speed in low luminance conditions has been improved.
* AF accuracy under fluorescent lighting has been improved.
* Images shot with the E-300 (TIFF, RAW, SHQ) can be displayed normally.
* New high speed CompactFlash cards are supported.

Click here for the E300 and E1 firmware update v1.1 and v1.4