Feb 11, 2005

Olympus D-540 Zoom Digital Camera Review

DigitalCameraInfo.com has posted their review of the Olympus D-540 Zoom Digital Camera and writes:

The Olympus D-540 suits point-and-shoot consumers perfectly. It has a large 1/3.7-inch 3.2 MP CCD and significant 1.8-inch LCD monitor. The built-in flash and automatic interface helps the camera appeal to any level user in most shooting situations, although there are glaring limitations in control. Control is granted over Exposure Compensation, Flash, Macro Mode, and White Balance. This camera is straightforward in its automatic control set up; however, the on-screen menu has a layout that is tiresome at many points when setting different options. It is also important to note that during testing, the number of batteries used was astronomical - and should factor into the price somewhere, however, the camera's light weight frame, handling ease, and shooting competence should more then compensate for this to the right type of user.

Who It’s For
Point-and-Shooters - This camera has a straightforward point-and-shoot layout without convoluted features and settings - ideal for snapshooters.

Budget Consumers - For the low price, the D-540 provides a nice sized CCD, the ability to record in video and still modes, and optical zoom, although there is no audio recording included and limited manual control options.

Gadget Freaks -With the lack of audio recording and extra features, gadget freaks are sure to be stricken with boredom by the simplified interface and minimalist design of the D-540.

Manual Control Freaks - The manual control enthusiast is sure to be disappointed by the lack of control features included on the D-540, with extremely limited control available.

Pros/Serious Hobbyists - There isn't any real reason that the Olympus Camedia D-540 would appeal to the professional user or serious hobbyist.

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