Feb 23, 2005

iPod photo adds 30GB model, lowers price by $150

on Wednesday refreshed its line of photo digital music players with a new, slim 30GB model, replacing the previously available 40GB unit. The 30GB iPod photo debuts at US$349, $150 less than its 40GB predecessor. What's more, Apple has reduced the price of the 60GB iPod photo from $599 to $449. Apple also introduced the new iPod Camera Connector, which enables users to dump their photos straight from their digital camera to their PowerBook.

Although no details were available from Apple's Web site as MacCentral posted this article, the company also announced wednesday the iPod Camera Connector -- an optional $29 accessory expected to hit store shelves in late March. The device connects the iPod photo to a digital camera and enables users to transfer images directly to their iPod photo, bypassing a Mac or Windows computer completely.
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