Feb 2, 2005

How to make a Life Poster

Mike Matas in his blog at http://www.mikematas.com/blog has written full instructions on how to produce what he calls a Life . Great post Mike!

"After posting photos of my apartment a couple weeks ago I got tons of people asking how I made my "Life Poster" seen in this photo. Here are my instructions to create one in about 20-30 min. Good Luck!


Step 1. Make a new iPhoto Album. Fill it with the 98 photos you want in your poster.
That is it. You poster will be at your house in a few days. :)

BTW: These are great gifts. In addition to the one I made for my apartment I have also made one for my mom and grandma for their birthdays. So if you are short of ideas and need to get someone a cool gift I promise you this is a good bet.

UPDATE: I thought I would also share this little twist I put on the poster I made for my grandma. I took a panoramic photo of her house and filled the top row with it. It looked pretty cool."

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