Feb 4, 2005

Fujifilm S3 Pro Review

Thom Hogan has released his comprehensive review of the Fujifilm S3 Pro on his site.

He writes:
"The S3 Pro takes beautiful, color-saturated photos, and when used correctly can give any digital SLR that costs less than US$2495 a real run for the money. Yes, that means everything from the Nikon D70 to the Canon 20D. It's only when you get to the pro bodies that the S3 Pro starts to suffer in comparisons, though even then its image quality holds up quite well. The S3 Pro loses a small bit in the resolution race, but not nearly as much as you might think; it performs about like an 8mp camera. In short, expect to produce good looking images out of this camera.

If you liked the S2 Pro, you'll like the S3 Pro. But the cost of the camera is now out of proportion to the camera's abilities by a good whack (the Canon 20D becomes the value leader anywhere near its level of image quality, which the S3 Pro slightly outruns). And many of us have questions about how the S3 will hold up under severe use, as the number of S2 Pro CCD and digital board failures seems high."

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