Feb 21, 2005

First Impressions of the Canon PowerShot SD500

Emily Raymond at DigitalCameraInfo has given us her first-impressions style review of the Canon PowerShot SD500

The compact Canon Digital ELPH series is bulking up. Perhaps not in size, but definitely in megapixels. The Canon PowerShot SD500 has 7.4 total and 7.1 effective megapixels on its large 1/1.8-inch CCD. Besides upgrading the amount of megapixels in this series, the SD500 redesigns the compact outer shell. It still retains the small form with its 3.37 x 2.24 x 1.04-inch measurements, but adds a comfortable rounded edge on its right side. This “Perpetual Curve Design” departs from the sharp 90-degree angles of the earlier Digital ELPHs. For $499.99, the SD500 offers a full range of automatic and manual options in an easy-to-use interface. This model has some interesting extra features on it, including a unique variety of color modes and a custom self-timer option.

The 7.1-megapixel Canon PowerShot SD500 follows in the tradition of the Digital line with its compact size and stylish look. However, this model gets a slight makeover with its rounded edges. The added comfort is a welcome feature to the ELPH series, which is known for its flat, sharp surfaces. The SD500 also adds other features that are debuting in the compact line. A custom self-timer lets users choose a time delay between 1-30 seconds. A series of digital color filters, as well as color accents and even a color swap are available. Six scene modes highlight the automatic settings, and there is also a full list of manual control options to please the more advanced photographer. An Underwater scene mode has an optional underwater housing to match, so the tiny camera can venture into the ocean. Canon will sell its PowerShot SD500 for a retail price of $499.99 when it ships to stores in March.
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