Feb 25, 2005

Digital Image Workflow Redux

I just came across Dexter Allen's blog where he desribes his new digital image workflow utilizing Adobe's new DNG format. An interesting read I thought..

Travels with Abulafia: Digital Image Workflow Redux: "Digital Image Workflow Redux
After playing around with Adobe's DNG format and converter, I'm quite pleased. It looks like I can convert my 10-11MB raw PEF files to 5-6MB DNGs without sacrificing any image data. The only down side is that I've seen some lost metadata, though that may be correctable.

Now, my image workflow is:

Use Adobe's DNG converter to create local DNGs in RAW_Pictures/ straight from the SD card.

Delete the original PEFs from the SD card and put it back in the camera or backpack. (I always seem to forget this step...)

Use dpMagic and/or Photoshop to select the images worth saving. Any others get deleted immediately or get 'trashed' via dpMagic (really just a renaming) to be cleaned up if disk space is low.

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