Jan 3, 2005

Visible Dust adds medium format brushes to Sensor Brush line

Rob Galbraith DPI reports that-
"Visible Dust, maker of image sensor cleaning products for digital SLR cameras, has recently added two larger-sized brushes to its Sensor Brush line.

The new brushes are aimed at medium format digital back owners. The 36mm brush is for 16MP cameras with a 36mm x 36mm capture area, while the 40mm brush is for 22MP cameras with a 40mm x 50mm capture area.

Both brushes feature a fan-style bristle arrangement and narrow-width handle.
All in all, however, we remain impressed with the quality and usability of the Sensor Brush and the fact we can wet-clean a digital SLR using Sensor Clean with virtually no risk of streaks, which is a first for us here in the dry, dry air of Calgary, Canada. So it's great to see that the fledgeling company is continuing to improve both their products and how it sells and supports them too."

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