Jan 4, 2005

Playboy.com Offers Stunning Image Galleries for the iPod Photo

Playboy.com Offers Stunning Image Galleries for Hand-Held Digital Photo Devices Like the iPod Photo

NEW YORK, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/Playboy.com has harnessed the digital photo revolution to put the sexiest girls next door in the palm of your hand with the sites new iBod editorial feature.

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Given the popularity of handheld media toys like Apples new iPod Photo, Playboy.com has created both non-nude and nude image galleries to help beautify these portable players.

Playboy has always been committed to delivering the fun and sexiness of the classic Playboy lifestyle to customers on any media platform they wish to use, said John D. Thomas, editor of Playboy.com.

The overwhelming response we have received for this feature supports our theory that iPod Photo users are a technologically advanced group with a significant interest in enjoying beautiful Playboy images.
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