Jan 21, 2005

Kodak EasyShare Z740 First Impressions Review

Alex Burack from DigitalCameraInfo.com has just posted a First Impressions Review of the Kodak EasyShare Z740 and says:

"While the initial $499 price tag on the EasyShare Z740 is a bit steep, users will get a lot for their money if they have it to spare. With 5 megapixels of resolution, a 10x optical zoom, all-glass lens, intuitive functionality and additional accessory options, engaged point-and-shooters seeking strong image quality and an extended telephoto view should get their money’s worth. The Z-line seems tailored to a specific demographic of digital camera users, while other $499 point-and-shoot cameras look to turn heads with a flashy frame and rapid video recording rate, the Z740 targets those perpetually overlooked users who seek something with larger zoom and more flexibility. Those users will likely feel content with their purchase, even at the $499 price range; however, with a bit of luck and stroke of patience, the price is sure to fall.

The initial headline of Kodak’s Z-line, the EasyShare Z740 targets point-and-shoot users seeking more out of their camera without sacrificing simplistic functionality. Catering to the alternative point-and-shoot crowd, the Z740 emphasizes extended zoom, accessory functions, ease of use and manual options rather then the traditional diminutive measurements, large LCD and rapid video recording rate. Designed for accessibility, the Z740 provides a 10x optical 38-380 (equivalent) all-glass Kodak Retinar zoom lens, 1/2.5-inch., 5.36 megapixel CCD, and Kodak Color Science chip to ensure the highest quality with minimal effort. While the Z740 is currently slated to retail for $499 (USD), the camera is compatible with Kodak’s first ImageLink compliant, Series 3 printer dock. With a one year warranty, the Z740 offers a reliable automatic camera with manual control options and accessory functions that will encourage growth and enable users to utilize the camera while they develop."

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