Jan 10, 2005

CompactFlash gets a boost in speed

The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announces the approval and availability of the CF+(TM) & CompactFlash® Specification Revision 3.0. Revision 3.0 increases the CompactFlash interface data transfer rate from 16MB/sec to 66MB/sec, while maintaining forward and backward compatibility with old and new host systems.

CompactFlash cards are currently available up to 8GB and provide the best storage solution for the new multi-mega-pixel cameras, Pocket PCs and other devices.

Version 3.0 of the CompactFlash spec offers support for a data transfer rate of 66MB/second using Ultra DMA 33 / Ultra DMA 66 modes, just over four times the current 16MB/second limit of the CompactFlash 2.1 spec. The new spec also offers support for ATA and I/O modes with speeds up to 25MB/second.

It should be noted that the speed increase will take some time to be felt; the fastest CompactFlash memory cards we're aware of are still some way below the current theoretical maximum transfer speed of CompactFlash 2.1 spec when reading, and write speeds are generally about 50% below read speeds.