Dec 8, 2004

What Are All Those Camera Icons?

Ever own a camera and not know what all those little symbols on it mean? Do you really need them? I mean, you can put the camera in AUTO and just shoot and forget - right? Well, maybe, but are you totally sastified with all of your photos? I'll bet half of every batch of photos you and I take everyday could have been much improved had we known what those little icons mean, and put them to good use.

I found this little keeper of an article over on PC World

What Are All Those Camera Icons?.

The tiny symbols on your digital camera's dial represent a wealth of features and functions.

Dave Johnson
From the December 2004 issue of PC World magazine
It's no surprise that Windows applications are filled with arcane icons, buttons, and menu options. But the dizzying array of esoteric symbols on digital cameras makes deciphering your computer icons seem like child's play. That's because digital cameras pack dozens of features into a miniature gadget. Complex concepts must be translated into single icons, such as an eyeball-shaped one that signifies automatic red-eye reduction. Here's a crib sheet for figuring out the meaning of the most common icons adorning your camera's settings dial.

A Key to Camera Icons: Making Sense of the Symbols

Auto Mode: When you want to take snapshots without worrying about the mechanics of photography, leave this setting on Auto. This mode sets all exposure levels automatically, and it usually locks you out of making any minor adjustments manually.
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