Dec 31, 2004

Update for OLYMPUS Studio released

Olympus has released a patch update to its Studio software for users of the manufacturer's E-series of digital cameras.

OLYMPUS Studio is a software developed to support the workflow of professional photographers that use Olympus digital cameras.

OLYMPUS Studio provides various functions and tools for image editing, RAW Development Settings and High-Speed RAW development, which are used to process RAW data, an image processing palette, which is used to resize and crop images and adjust the brightness, color balance, and sharpness, and Batch Processing, which enables you to edit several images at the same time.

You can also use OLYMPUS Studio to register Photoshop or other software as a registered application and then open this software directly in OLYMPUS Studio and use it to edit images.

OLYMPUS Studio 1.2 introduces:

* Support for E-300.
* RAW development now features Noise Cancellation and False Color Suppression.
* New Auto Tone Correction feature.
* There is now a single RAW development screen for all camera models, improving ease of use.
* The new built-in RAW development engine improves the speed of RAW development.

Learn more and get the download here...