Dec 21, 2004

ULTRAMAN Edition Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z55

Bandai and Casio have teamed up to release a version of the 5-megapixel Exilim Zoom EX-Z55 branded with the logo of the seminal Japanese superhero ULTRAMAN. Although externally the changes aren't much more than an aluminum logo plate and a special wallet, the start up graphics will now display a couple of seconds of footage from an upcoming ULTRAMAN movie. Should you be impressed? By the exclusivity, maybe—there will only be 200 made. Otherwise, even if you have a hankerin' for the ULTRA, it's sort of a lame excuse for a special edition.

How long, though, before Sony cameras (for instance) come pre-loaded with movie trailers for upcoming Sony Pictures releases? If they hadn't thought of that already and I just gave them the idea, I ask for your forgiveness (and 1 million ThoughtBucks from Sony).
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