Dec 30, 2004

Tips to enjoy digital photography and safeguard holiday memories

So you have a new digital camera. Now what? Tips to enjoy digital photography and safeguard holiday memories
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 30, 2004--An estimated 10 million digital cameras were sold nationwide this holiday season and experts agree new camera owners will take hundreds of photos each in the first weeks. Yet most consumers have no idea how to manage, properly save or get the most enjoyment out of these photos. Here are tips to organize and share digital photos from Wind-Up Labs, maker of HeyPix!, a new digital photo organizer and sharing service.

10 Tips to Enjoy Digital Photography

1. Think of your new purchase as more than a camera. Think beyond simply taking and printing photos.

2. When taking photos, keep elbows close to your body for stability, and pre-focus the camera by pressing the button halfway down
before taking the shot to avoid the second or so of shutter lag time.

3. Use a digital photo organizer and photo sharing service to turn a pile of random photos into a collection you can share.

4. Choose a sharing service that password protects albums forsecurity.

5. Transfer digital photos off the camera's disk, either to your desktop, a CD or a photo sharing service. This way you won't lose
precious holiday photos due to disk problems.

6. Get rid of the photos you don't want. Bandwidth and storage have to be considered.

7. If emailing photos, make sure it is only three or less in a singleemail. With new online photo sharing options, email will not even
be necessary.

8. For prints, consider an inexpensive and easy to use home printer or a online print service.

9. Consider starting a personal blog. Starting a blog is free and easy, and allows a good combination of text and photos.

10. Enjoy your photos and don't hesitate to share them.