Dec 1, 2004

ProFotoSoftware 1.10

ProFotoSoftware Press Release

ProFotoSoftware have today released version 1.10 of PFS Image Darkroom for Windows,a program for converting Canon RAW images from EOS Digital SLRs into 16 bit and 8 bit TIF files as well as 8 bit JPEG files.

This new release adds support for the 20D and 1Ds Mark II EOS Digital SLRs, as well as improving the Raw Preview facility.

PFS Image Darkroom improves digital photographer's workflow by removing the frustrating delays associated with Raw image processing. The software remains fully operational during Raw processing, enabling users to prepare the next image or set of images for processing instead of pausing whilst the processing is performed.

PFS Image Darkroom provides a configurable Instant Preview of changes to development settings, enabling the user to quickly select the best settings for each image, as well as multiple images simultaneously.

The program processes the images quickly - on our test PC (Pentium 4, 2.5 ghz,512 megs RAM, Windows NT4) a batch of 400 EOS 300D images was developed into 16 bit TIF files, complete with IPTC and ICC information, in just 80 minutes.

A trial version can be downloaded from: