Dec 30, 2004

Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women

Film & Video Magazine has posted a review of a new book titled: Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women and provides a chapter by chapter summary of the book.

By John Virata
"Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women is about the process of photographing women and making them look good. At 14 chapters, it is comprised of two parts: Workflow: from Capture to Digital Postproduction, and Projects: Behind the Camera and in Front of the Computer. We'll take a look to see what topics are covered in each chapter of the book. The title aside, it is really a great book on learning how to harness the power of Adobe Photoshop CS. It just so happens that the author photographs women as a profession and includes on his website, all the photographs in the book's tutorials for download to follow along as you edit images of professional models."

He goes on to say:
"This book is by far the best book I've seen on Photoshop in a long time. In full color. With beautiful subjects. Highly designed. With great tips, notes, and sidebars, Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women is a very good resource on the topic of photographing women. But it is more than just about photographing women. It is about harnessing the power of Photoshop CS. The subject matter that Ames so carefully walks us through really makes for a powerful read, because if there is anything that is difficult to do with photographs of people, it is getting skin tones correct, removing hair from needless areas, taking out wrinkles, and making them look good. I did think though that the Barbie chapter was wonked, though Ames does take you step by step in how to create the look of Barbie. The book in itself is a wonderful work of art and the designer should be commended. Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women, by Kevin Ames, 368 pages, $34.99 Wiley Publishing, Inc."

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