Dec 16, 2004

PFS Image Darkroom V1.20 released

PFS Image Darkroom V1.20 released. This version adds a sophisticated image comparison window and read only support for several file formats, including NEF and DNG.

"To get the best out of your Canon EOS Digital SLR most recommend in 'Raw' format. Its advantages are real - 16 bit color depth and the ability to adjust the image without compromising its quality.

But this leads to its own challenges - the software supplied with your camera is not to everyones' liking and the alternatives are either expensive or complicated. On top of this, Raw 'processing' takes time, sometimes a great deal of it.

PFS Image Darkroom is designed to address these issues. It is simple to use. It supports all the major Canon Raw development settings. It uses Canon's own software to develop the image, assuring the resulting image quality, yet it does so in the most efficient manner possible.

PFS Image Darkroom supports 'batch development' of images but it does not have the usual restrictions of other batch processors. Many batch processors apply the same settings to ALL the images in the batch, with you having to wait until the batch is processed before doing the next set of images. Not so with PFS Image Darkroom. It supports multiple image development settings in the batch and it remains operational during the batch processing. You can add images to the batch whilst the batch is being processed. No waits. No delays."

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