Dec 24, 2004

Personal Laser Printers: Revolution #2

Bill Howard - PC Magazine

"The personal laser printer revolution has returned for a second round. First, it was monochrome at a price everyone could afford ($250). Now, three years later, it's color for $500 or less. If you do a lot of printing in your house or small office, you should be looking at color laser printers. With prices down and with relatively low per-page printing costs, a color laser could be a good investment.
Unlike with mono lasers three years ago, when you could almost pick one blindfolded, here you have to choose carefully, and it may pay to wait another couple of quarters. Lexmark is great but it hasn't gotten down to $500 yet; HP has good color quality but it's not very fast; Xerox is rock solid but noisy, its printouts have a waxy feel, and photos come out somewhat posterized; and Samsung includes duplexing and a 250-sheet tray, but it takes a long time to give control back to the PC. So you may want to hang on to an ink jet printer for your best-quality color photo printouts. Or wait a bit. Color lasers due out by early 2005 should raise the bar while costing as little as $400. By the end of 2005, color laser printers should be cheaper, and good enough for all but the most critical color photos."

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