Dec 14, 2004

Kodak battles Sony for digital supremacy

By Amy Yee in New York
Published: December 14 2004 15:55 | Last updated: December 14 2004 15:55
"Heading into the crucial holiday shopping season, Eastman Kodak is locked in a fight with Sony for the number one position in the US digital camera market.

The winner, at least for this round, will be decided in the weeks to come; camera makers typically generate 40-50 per cent of the year's total sales in the fourth quarter alone.

Digital cameras are set to be this year's most popular electronics gift, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. In the third quarter, manufacturers shipped 5m digital cameras, a 40 per cent rise over the same period last year, according to IDC, the technology consultancy.

IDC also said Kodak and Sony were almost tied for first place in US market share for digital cameras in the third quarter. Sony had 20 per cent, followed by Kodak with 19.8 per cent, Canon with 16 per cent and Olympus with 12 per cent."

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