Dec 30, 2004

How to Take Digital Photos Indoors

Automatic exposure works for most conditions, but if your camera allows manual adjustment, overriding the automatic control helps in some lighting conditions. Here are some simple tips to help you get a little more out of your digital camera.

Hints and tricks:
1. Use automatic exposure for most indoor scenes.
2. Turn on lights indoors.
3. Override the automatic exposure system when the scene is much lighter or darker than middle gray.
4. Increase exposure to lighten a scene; decrease exposure to darken a scene.
5. Experiment with overriding automatic exposure for high-contrast scenes.
6. Use a light meter to determine the appropriate aperture setting and shutter speed.
7. Adjust aperture setting and shutter speed in small steps.
8. Shoot the picture and preview to evaluate settings. Adjust as necessary, and shoot again.
9. Use flash for distances up to 9 feet.
10. Aim flash away from the scene if possible. Angle the flash head so that it bounces light into the scene.

  • Avoid low-light situations when possible.

  • Avoid using direct sunlight (through a window) for indoor scene lighting.

  • If your camera does not allow manual adjustments, you may be able to compensate in image-editing software.

  • When photographing people, position them away from the back wall.

  • Do not shoot directly into bright light.

  • Upgrade to an external flash unit to improve picture quality.