Dec 16, 2004

"Hands on with the Canon 20D" from

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter
"There is a lot to like … actually love … about Canon's new 20D digital SLR.

There's the 8.2 meg-pixels. A beefed up buffer (over it's predecessors), now 23-frames. The great color. Low noise even at high ISO settings. And the much talked about improved auto-focus capabilities.

Leaving the technical aspects of this camera to more capable reviewers like Phil Askey and Rob Galbraith, what I will do here is try to give Sports Shooter readers a hands-on look at the Canon 20D after using it for 3 weeks at various assignments, including football and baseball games. My comments will be limited to my impressions on the 20D and how it handled under "game conditions". "

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