Dec 27, 2004

FujiFilm FinePix S3 Pro First Impressions

Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape has given us his first impressions of the Fuji FinePix S3 Pro after spending a few days with this long awaited model. He writes:

"There is no question that Fuji's dual sensor technology produces a slightly / somewhat (choose your preferred adjective) bit more dynamic range. But, when it comes to working with the files in Photoshop I find that even minor use of levels and curves, and especially exposure compensation in the Raw converter, tends to dilute the distinctions.

The bottom line is that the Fuji S3 produces top quality images, of very high resolution, and with extended dynamic range (but only of real significance when shooting in JPG mode). But, this is achieved at a significant cost premium over Nikon's offerings, let alone some non-Nikon lens mount alternatives. It's therefore going to be hard for potential purchasers to know whether the substantial premium that one has to pay for the Fuji S3 is ultimately worthwhile."

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