Dec 20, 2004

Canon PowerShot SD110 Digital Camera Review

Emily Raymond of has posted her review of the Canon SD110

Her conclusion:
"Like all digital cameras, the Canon PowerShot SD110 has its pros and cons. It is very compact and easy to fit in a pocket. It's durable with its attractive stainless steel frame, so it can survive a few drops and bumps. The layout is simple to use, and the menus follow suit. The camera even sports a Print/Share button to ease the stress of transferring photos directly to a printer. This Digital ELPH has 3.3 megapixels on its 1/2.7-inch CCD. The SD110 retails for $299, but can be found online for $200. The lens is from Canon, which is known for its optics. However, this camera only has 2x optical zoom – a definite letdown. In practice, the camera's resolution is strong, but extreme levels of noise often distort the image. The LCD screen does have fairly high resolution, but it is on the small side at 1.5 inches and is often tough to see. The other downside of the Canon SD110 is the lack of aperture or shutter speed manual controls. However, this camera is perfect for the beginning user who desires a strait-forward portable and simplistic digital camera."

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