Dec 15, 2004

Canon EOS 20D

This camera is flying off the shelves these days, and no wonder --it's hot! Canon seems unstoppable.

Canon EOS 20D
© 2004
"It's a fantastic 8 Megapixel, $1,500 digital SLR. If you shoot Canon this would be my first choice for just about anything. I shoot Nikon and am tempted to switch over due to how great the 20D is!

I've shot Nikon for over 20 years, so obviously I already have quite a collection of gear. If I was starting today I'd either get this or the Nikon D70, period. I think I still prefer the Nikon D70 as I'll cover below, since I like the light weight and the D70's 6MP looks the same as 8MP for all practical real world photography, and for me the faster flash sync of the D70 gives me better images than I would expect out of the 20D. Most people will prefer the solid metal feel of the 20D as well as its more impressive autofocus display through its finder.

The 20D is a huge improvement over the 10D in almost every way. I'd pass on any deals on 10Ds. For instance, the almost mandatory 10 - 22 mm wide zoom lens won;t even work on the 10D."

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