Dec 8, 2004 announces "The 123 of digital imaging Interactive Learning Suite - Version 3.0"

DPReview contributor Vincent Bockaert has today announced an all new version of his excellent 'The 123 of digital imaging Interactive Learning Suite'.

123di covers digital imaging via a three step workflow:

Step 1: Understand Digital Imaging & Digital Camera Selection
Step 2: Enhance Your Images in the "Pixelroom"
Step 3: Manage, View, Share, and Print Your Images

Most topics are separated into three selectable levels: Starter , Essential , and Advanced and Adobe Photoshop Album 2, Photoshop Elements 2 & 3, Photoshop 7 & CS, and Nikon Capture 4.1 are featured in great detail with unique interactive manuals for easy learning.
Click here to visit for the update or a demo